African Journal of Range and Forage Science

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Grass species selection patterns on rotationally-grazed Dohne Sourveld during autumn and early winter.

Stoltsz C.W., Danckwerts J.E.


Herbaceous species preference was studied during autumn and winter periods of occupation, on rotationally-grazed Dohne Sourveld, at four different stocking rates. Reports on species selection by cattle and sheep grazing together. Illustrates with graphsLanguage: English

Keywords: Grass species; Herbage availibility; Regrazing; Species selection; acceptability; cattle; disturbance history; grazing; preference; selectivity; sheep; stocking rate; themeda triandra; tillers; tristachya leucothrix; herbaceous species; dohne sourveld; stocking rates; grasses; eastern cape; south africa; botany

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