Potential for Revitalisation of the Diaphragm for Family Planning in Uganda: A Rapid Assessment of the Feasibility of Introducing the SILCS Diaphragm

  • IT Kyamwanga
  • E Turyakira
  • M Kilbourne-Brook
  • PS Coffey
Keywords: Diaphragm, family planning, Uganda, SILCS, introduction


This health systems assessment evaluated the feasibility of introducing a new contraceptive device, the SILCS single-size diaphragm, into the existing family planning method mix in Uganda. A total of 26 focus group discussions with 201 female and 77 male potential users and 98 key informant interviews with policymakers and providers were conducted between June and August 2010. Potential users, providers, and policymakers recognised that the SILCS Diaphragm could fill a gap in the method mix and expressed eagerness to make the SILCS Diaphragm available, particularly because it is nonhormonal and woman initiated. The diaphragm was viewed by all stakeholders as a method that would increase choice and could improve women’s reproductive health in Uganda. Like many countries, Uganda’s family planning programme is financially stretched, and clear support for the SILCS Diaphragm by end-users will need to be demonstrated before the product will be considered for public-sector introduction. Afr J Reprod Health 2014; 18[2]: 77-86).

Keywords: Diaphragm, family planning, Uganda, SILCS, introduction


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eISSN: 1118-4841