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Effect of A Community Health Worker led Intervention on Skilled Birth Care in Rural Mwingi West Sub-County, Kenya: A Quasi Experimental Study

Japheth M Nzioki, Agnes J Korir, James H Ombaka, James O Ouma, Rosebella O Onyango


Despite strong evidence that skilled birth care (SBC) significantly reduces maternal deaths, one in four babies worldwide are delivered without SBC. This has kept maternal mortality rates (MMR) high in sub-Saharan Africa and Kenya in particular. Kenya adopted Community Health Strategy (CHS) with the aim of improving community health services. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of CHS on SBC in Mwingi west sub-county, Kenya. A quasi experimental study design was conducted with 1 pretest and 2 post-test household surveys done in intervention and control sites. Sample size in each survey was 422 households. Women with a child aged 9-12 months were main respondents. Binary logistic regression analysis was used to estimate the odds of SBC utilization before and after the intervention In intervention site; SBC utilization significantly improved by 12.9% (57.9% vs. 70.5%) and women in end term survey were 1.6 times (Adj. OR=1.556, P<0.0001; 95%CI: 1.295-1.868) more likely to deliver under SBC compared to baseline. Compared to control, the proportion of women delivering under SBC in intervention site increased by 8.6%. To improve maternal and child health outcomes in Kenya, implementation of CHS should be fast tracked in all counties. 

Keywords: Community Health Strategy, Community Health Workers, Skilled Birth Care, Maternal and Child Health

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