Multiple fractures and iatrogenic burns in a newborn due to unskilled delivery: A case report

  • AE Sadoh AJOL
  • RO Ogungbe
Keywords: Multiple fracture, DeIatrogenic burns, Newborn, Unskilled deliveries,


High neonatal mortality is the hallmark of developing countries. Most of the deaths are preventable by good antenatal care with risk identification and access to safe delivery. However, only about a third of births are attended by skilled personnel in Nigeria. The case of a newborn (one of a set of twins) delivered by breech in a church maternity, who sustained multiple fractures and thermal burns from resuscitation is presented. The mother had received antenatal care in an orthodox health facility but opted to deliver in the church maternity. We discuss the problems associated with delivery by unskilled birth attendants while reviewing the literature to highlight the roles and mechanisms of church birth attendants. Reproductive health education for women, their families and communities is advocated to enable birth preparedness. Training, supervision, monitoring and regulation of practice of church birth attendants will also be required to improve outcomes (Afr J Reprod Health 2008; 12[3]:197-206).

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1118-4841