Impediments to Media Communication of Social Change in Family Planning and Reproductive Health: Experiences from East Africa

  • PT Kagurusi


The media has been employed to increase uptake of Family Planning through behaviour change communication (BCC). Understanding the barriers encountered in effectively undertaking this function would increase the strategy’s effectiveness. Sixty journalists from East Africa participated in trainings to enhance their BCC skills for Family Planning in which a qualitative study was nested to identify barriers to effective Family Planning BCC in the region’s media. The barriers were observed to be insufficient BCC skills, journalists’ conflict of interest, interests of media houses, inaccessible sources of family planning information, editorial ideologies and absence of commercially beneficial demand. Coupled with the historical ideologies of the media in the region, the observed barriers have precipitated ineffective family planning BCC in the regions media. Effective BCC for family planning in the regions media requires capacity building among practitioners and alignment of the concept to the media’s and consumers’ aspirations. (Afr J Reprod Health 2013; 17[3]: 70-78).

Keywords: Family Planning, Journalists, Behaviour Change Communication.


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eISSN: 1118-4841