Health-Sector Performance in Post-Independent Nigeria: A Comparative Impact Analysis of Two Regimes

  • W F Ohioze
  • I U Uwazie
Keywords: Health-sector performance, two regimes, Post-independent Nigeria, WHO, cooperative impact


Since independence in Nigeria, the government over the years had increased budgetary allocation to the health sector for the provision of healthcare services. However, available information, using healthcare indices such as life expectancy, under-five mortality, maternal death and a lot more showed that the sector has performed poorly. A lot of studies had been carried out to ascertain the reasons for this poor performance, the findings from these studies are contradictory. Most of the studies in this area have treated health output or performance and health expenditure in Nigeria, without considering its link with governance. Therefore, this study examined the comparative impact analysis of two regimes (military and civilian) on health sector performance post--independent Nigeria from 1977- 2013. Several related literature were reviewed and secondary data were used for the regression. The method of analysis used was Ordinary Least Square (OLS), to investigate the impact of the two regimes on health sector performance. The result showed that there was a significant negative relationship between regime and health sector performance in Nigeria. However, as the nation experienced regime change from military to civilian; it has a negative significant impact on the sector performance. Moreover, the funds allocated to the sector have a positive relationship with the sector’s performance also, even though, the impact was not significant. The study therefore recommends that: all democratic institutions should be strengthened, there should be a leveled playing political ground, continuous citizens education on the gains of democratic governance should be encouraged, the government should make effort at meeting the recommended World Health Organization (WHO) percentage allocation to the sector, transparent disbursement of the allocated funds and implementation of policies in the sector.

Keywords: Health-sector performance, two regimes, Post-independent Nigeria, WHO, cooperative impact


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print ISSN: 2315-6317