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Implementation, Performance and Outcomes of Climate-smart Agriculture in the Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security Climate-smart Villages in Uganda

Olaide Akinyemi, Olanrewaju Olaniyan, Caroline Mwongera, Aton Eitzinger


The research work assessed the different climate-smart agriculture practices carried out by smallholder farmers, assessed the performance and implementation rate of the practices, and identified barriers and enablers for wide-scale adoption of the practices in order to scale up climate-smart agriculture among smallholder farmers in Uganda. A multistage random sampling method was employed to survey 85 households of 154 smallholder farmer respondents in the study area. Data was analysed using multivariate analysis and tested for significance, while percentiles, graphs and an inductive analytical method were used. The findings revealed the implementation rate, performance and outcomes of the selected practices for scaling up CSA in Uganda. It also proffered recommendations on how to maintain and further strengthen the practices in Uganda.

Keywords: Climate-smart Agriculture, Uganda

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