Stability of Anthocyanin Sensitized TiO2 Photoelectrochemical (PEC) Solar Cells Prepared by Sol Gel Process

  • J. Simiyu
  • B. O. Aduda
  • J. M. Mwabora


Highly porous dye sensitized TiO2 thin film solar cells have been prepared by the sol gel process. Sensitization was achieved by use of anthocyanin pigment extracted from delphinidin purple and cyanidin 3-5 diglucose (C35D). Sensitization was also studied on ruthenium complex RuL* sensitization dye. Dye sensitized photoelectrodes have exhibited broad transmission minimum in the visible range. Solar cells fabricated from these electrodes gave overall conversion efficiencies of 3.16% for delphinidin purple and 2.97% for C35D. RuL dye sensitized solar cell gave 4.84%. The cells\' stability performance in terms of photovoltage was found to drop with time of exposure. However the cells still exhibited I-V characteristics over a long period (six months) of study.
*L = bis (isthiocyanato) ruthenium (II)-bis-2,2-bipyridine-4,4\'-dicarboxylic ligand

(Af. J. of Science and Technology: 2002 3(2): 56-61)

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eISSN: 1607-9949