The interface between Botho and social work practice in Botswana: towards Afrocentric models

  • J. Morena Rankopo
  • Kabo Diraditsile


This short paper looks at the interface between botho and social work practice in Botswana, and how it can be applied towards Afrocentric models in relation to social work education and practice in the context of Botswana and elsewhere in the African continent. Using secondary data, this paper examines ubuntu/botho as an African philosophy that places emphasis on “I am a person through other people” which depicts the human need for, and existence through, interdependency. This principle is in line with the profession’s commitment to promoting positive human relationships in social interactions and transactions. The paper concludes by asking pertinent questions regarding the subject matter. It also proposes an Afrocentric model of social work that will be anchored on indigenous cultural values and principles.

Keywords: Ubuntu/Botho, Social Work, Afrocentric, Indigenization, Botswana, Africa


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2409-5605
print ISSN: 1563-3934