The hurdle of disseminating social work research findings in Zimbabwe and a proposed model

  • Sunungurayi Charamba
  • Rudo Mukurazhizha
Keywords: Challenges; communities; decolonisation; dissemination; feedback; practice; research findings; social work; Zimbabwe


Research is a critical component in social work academic and practice circles. Research aims at interrogating research implications and findings to ensure that it influences policy, practice and inform interventions. However, in Africa, specifically Zimbabwe academics are more interested in publishing research articles for their professional development and promotion in work places such as universities. It seems little attention is given to disseminate findings to stakeholders, research participants, communities so that changes and implementation of programs is effected by evidence from research findings. There is need for decolonisation and education on the part of African social workers to consider the later call seriously to develop communities. The researchers recommend blending academic and practical implications of social work research findings if social work research is to bring noticeable and great changes for emerging clinical and developmental issues for individuals, groups and communities. Furthermore, if participants and key informants know that their contributions are valued they are likely to take research seriously as the outcome will benefit them.



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eISSN: 2409-5605
print ISSN: 1563-3934