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Effects of <i>Pollen Typhae</i> Total Flavone On &#946;-Arrestin-2/SRC/ AKT signaling in adipose tissues of Type 2 diabetic rats

X Feng
L Zhai
C Wang
W Zhao
Q Chen
X Huang


Background: Pollen Typhae total flavone (PTF), the extract from Pollen Typhae, a Chinese herbal medicine,  has been reported to improve insulin resistance in type 2 diabetic rats, but the potential mechanisms keep unclear.
Materials and Methods: Type 2 diabetic model rats were induced by high-fat diet and low-dose  streptozotocin, and then were administered PTF by intragastrical gavage. After treatment for 4 weeks, insulin  receptor-β level in adipose tissues was determined by ELISA, and the protein expression was analyzed by  western blotting.
Results: Administration of PTF increased insulin receptor-β level and enhanced β-arrestin-2 protein expression  in adipose tissues of type 2 diabetic rats. Although having no effect on the protein expression of Src  or Akt, PTF promoted phosphorylation of Src at Tyr416 and Akt at Ser473.
Conclusion: The results indicate that PTF has beneficial effects on the β-arrestin-2/Src/Akt signaling in  adipose tissues of type 2 diabetic rats, implying the underlying mechanisms of PTF in ameliorating insulin  resistance.

Key words: Chinese medicine, type 2 diabetes, signal transduction, insulin resistance, β-arrestin-2

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eISSN: 0189-6016