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Treatment of bovine schistosomiasis with medicinal plant <i>Veronia anthelmintica</i> (Kaliziri), an alternative approach

Sadaf Niaz
Tanveer Akhtar
S Shams
Naser M AbdEl-Salam
Sultan Ayaz
Riaz Ullah
Safia Bibi
Iqbal Hussain
Shabir Ahmad


Background: Veronia anthelmintica (Kaliziri) is a medicinally very important plant as being reported for  remarkable therapeutic potential. The present research evaluates its antischistosomal activity.
Methods and Materials: 54 buffaloes naturally infected with Schistosomiasis were used for  anthelmintic trails. All animals for the study were tagged so as to distinguish from others. The animals were checked up on routine basis by a veterinary doctor. Preparation of samples of herbal drug and experiment was design according to available literature.
Results: During present studies, buffalos naturally infected with Schistosomiasis were treated with Veronia anthelmintica (Kaliziri), with dose 75 mg/kg, 150 mg/kg and 225 mg/kg body weight   respectively, and their impact on various parameters like eggs reduction, milk production, weight gain  and feed intake was noted. Furthermore, their efficiency (%) was compared with standard drug   “Praziquantel” (allopathic drug) at “10mg/Kg” body weight dose level. The effectiveness (%) of   “Praziquantel” was noted as hundred after first dose, while the effectiveness for the herbal drug get to this level after injecting of second dose of “225mg/kg body weight”. Statistically significant (P<0.05 and P<0.001, respectively) increase in milk production was noted.
Conclusion: Keeping in view of our present findings, it is concluded that herbal treatment of bovine schistosomiasis with Vernonia anthelmintica (seeds) is safe, easy, readily applicable and cheapest method and almost have no side effect.

Key words: Bovine schistosomiasis, Veronia anthelmintica, Medicinal Plant

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eISSN: 0189-6016