Cardiac disorder in hemodialysis: benefits of Chinese herbs

  • Zhong Qing Lǚ
  • Min Sun
  • Chun Jie Hu
  • Yan Qing Tong
Keywords: Hemodialysis, Cardiac arrest, Chinese herbs


Background: A major cause of mortality in hemodialysis patients is cardiac disease. Most complementary and alternative therapies, including Chinese herbal medicine, have been useful in the treatment of cardiac disorders.

Materials and Methods: A 46 year old Asian woman with chronic renal failure was admitted to the clinic for hemodialysis. In the course of the fifth session of standard dialysis, she developed shock followed by a ventricular tachycardia which rapidly degenerated into cardiac arrest, from which she was resuscitated through cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. The following therapeutic strategies were applied: low discharge oxygen inhalation; stricter water and salt restriction; dialysate temperature set at 36.0 OC; rhEPO 3000u, per week, low molecular weight iron dextran, 200mg/day, intravenously for five days; the patient received Chinese herbal concoction orally.

Results: The patient obtained efficient standard dialysis without any cardiac syndrome.

Conclusion: Chinese herbs are useful in the management of cardiac disorders in hemodialysis. Chinese herbs may provide more benefits by adjusting dialysis strategies.

Keywords: Hemodialysis; Cardiac arrest; Chinese herbs


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eISSN: 0189-6016