Herbal product use by the cancer patients in both the pre and post surgery periods and during chemotherapy

  • Sema Koçaşlı
  • Zehra Demircan
Keywords: Cancer, Phytotherapy, Herbal Product, Drug Interaction, Nursing


Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate of the use of herbal products in patients in both pre- and postsurgery periods and during chemotherapy, and to determine the factors behind it.

Materials and Methods: This study was conducted as a descriptive study with 281 patients in 4 centers. The data of the study were collected by using a survey form prepared by the researcher, depending on literature and interview with the participants face-to-face.

Results: While the average age of the patients involved in the study is 49.1±12.8, 51.6% of them were females, 34.6% graduate of elementary school, and 34.5% were housewives. While the prevelance of the use of herbal product prior to surgical treatment is 38.9%, it was observed that this rate increased to 54.1% during chemotherapy. It was observed that the most frequently used product was garlic prior to surgical treatment (19.2%), that it was urtica dioica (13.8%) during chemotherapy. Before the surgical treatment, 94.3% of the patients, and during chemotherapy treatment, 81.7% of the patients, stated that the use of herbal product had not been questioned by the physician or nurse.

Conclusion: Analysis of the results indicates that health professionals need to obtain information regarding the use of herbal products by cancer patients during both pre- and post- surgery periods, as well as during chemotherapy. Patients should be provided with information and guidance about the advantages and disadvantages of using herbal products.

Keywords: Cancer, Phytotherapy, Herbal Product, Drug Interaction, Nursing


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