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Sedative and anticonvulsant properties of Passiflora edulis dried leaves decoction in mice

E Ngo Bum, E Ngah, BC Ekoundi, C Dong, REA Mbomo, SV Rakotonirina, A Rakotonirina


Passiflora edulis Sims is native from Tropical area of South America. It is used in traditional medicine in the treatment of some diseases related to the nervous system and others. The extract of Passiflora edulis possesses sedative activity in mice. It significantly increased the total sleep time induced by diazepam (50 mg/kg i.p.). The total sleep time increased from 31 + 11 min in the control group to 77.6 + 15 and 78.3 + 16 min in the groups treated with extract at the doses of 132.5 and 1325 mg/kg respectively. This extract showed also anticonvulsant activity in mice. It protected mice against strychnine -induced seizures and antagonized N-methyl-D-aspartate- induced turning behavior in mice. The ED50 for the protection against seizures -induced by strychnine was 320 mg/kg intraperitoneally (i.p.). For N-methyl-D-aspartate -induced turning behavior, the ED50 was 300 mg/kg i.p. Passiflora edulis extract had less effect against pentylene tetrazol- induced seizures. The potentiation of diazepam-induced sleep, the antagonism of chemical -induced seizures and turning behavior suggest that Passiflora edulis extract possess sedative and anticonvulsant properties in animals.

Key Words: Epilepsy; Anticonvulsant; Decoction; Seizures; Passiflora edulis

Afr. J. Trad. CAM (2004) 1: 63-71

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