African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines

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Toxicity potentials of Senna podocarpa ( Perr.) Lock pods in rodents

MA Akanmu, EO Iwalewa, AA Elujoba, KA Adelusola


The effects of acute (LD50) and sub-chronic doses of the aqueous infusion of Senna podocarpa (Guill. et Perr.) Lock pod on the liver, kidney, brain and testis of mice and rats were studied, respectively. The acute toxicity studies did not produce any observable lethal effects and the calculated LD50 was 6.6 g/kg. The histopathological analysis of the liver, kidney, brain and testis showed no adverse effect. Behavioral observations and the histopathological findings did not show significant differences between the control and the treated groups. There were no marked adverse alterations or degeneration of tissues since these vital organs showed normal architectures suggesting no morphological disturbances as compared with the control group. The findings indicated that the aqueous infusion of S. podocarpa pod was devoid of overt acute and sub-chronic toxic effects in mice and rats.
Key words: Senna podocarpa pods, acute toxicity, sub-chronic toxicity
Afr. J. Trad. Comp. Alt. Med. Vol.2(3) 2005: 274 - 281

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