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Healing effect on chronic gastric ulcers and short-term toxicity profile of the leaf methanol extract of Ocimum suave Wild (Lamiaceae) in rats

Paul V Tan, Christopher Mezui, George E Enow-Orock, Theophile Dimo, Barthelemy Nyasse


The gastric cytoprotective actions of the extract of Ocimum suave wild (lamiaceae) have previously been demonstrated. We have investigated here the healing effect of the leaf methanol extract of Ocimum suave against chronic gastric ulcers induced in experimental rats. Chronic gastric ulcers were induced using acetic acid and the induced ulcers treated over a period of two weeks using daily oral doses (125 – 500 mg/kg) of the extract. Possible toxic effects of the extract given in the short term were also investigated. The extract reduced ulcer indices from 50.40 in the 4-day controls to 11.8, 5.8, and 3.6, respectively, for the rats receiving 125, 250 and 500 mg/kg of the extract. The highest dose of the extract (500 mg/kg) showed a highly significant (P < 0.001) reduction of ulceration with a corresponding healing rate of 81.25 per cent. Treatment with the plant extract was also associated with a significant increase in mucus production up to 57 per cent (P < 0.01) for the 500 mg/kg dose. A similar increase in mucus production was not observed with ranitidine although it generated a healing rate of 66 per cent. No apparent toxicity signs were observed through food and fluid intakes, vital organ weights, animal behaviour, stool texture, red and white blood cell counts and histopathological evaluation. The results of the present study show that in addition to the previously demonstrated cytoprotective antiulcer actions of the leaf methanol extract of O. suave, the extract also possesses potent healing effects against chronic gastric ulcers. Enhanced mucus production appears to play a significant role in the mode of action of the extract
Key words: Ocimum suave, healing effects, chronic gastric ulcers, short-term toxicity
Afr. J. Trad. Comp. Alt. Med. Vol.2(3) 2005: 312 - 325

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