Effects Of Chinese Herbs On The Hemagglutination And Adhesion Of Escherichia Coli Strain In Vitro

  • YQ Tong
  • Q Wu
  • DK Zhao
  • Y Liu
  • M Cao
  • L Zhang
  • S Zeng
Keywords: Chinese herbs, Escherichia coli, Adhesion, Hemagglutination.


The aim of this study is to evaluate Chinese herbs’ efficacy on adhesive properties of Escherichia coli (E. coli). The effects of Chinese herbal solution on the hemagglutination and adhesion by E. coli strain were studied. E. coli C16 was isolated from a patient with urinary tract infection. The MIC value of herbal solution for the E. coli C16 was 0.1g/ml. The MBC value was 0.2g/ml. The effects of herbal solution on the hemagglutination abilities of E. coli C16 were dependent on the herbal solution used. The strain C16 lost half of its hemagglutination abilities when the herbal solution concentration was at MIC (0.05g/ml). Herbal solution decreased the adherence of strain C16 in a dose-dependent way. The numbers of adherent bacteria were reduced to 45% of the control values after growth with herbal solution at MIC. The results show that anti-adhesion is one mode of action for Chinese herbs used against pathogens.

Key words: Chinese herbs; Escherichia coli; Adhesion; Hemagglutination.


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eISSN: 0189-6016