Effects of Gan Lian Yuping Feng powder on the antibody titers to infectious laryngotracheitis vaccine and some nonspecific immune indexes in chickens

  • K Chunmei
  • Z Zhujun
  • Z Xiuhui
Keywords: Gan lian Yu ping feng powder, chicken, Infectious Laryngotracheitis vaccine, immune function


The study was conducted in order to investigate the immuno-enhancing property of the Chinese herbal formula, Gan lian Yu ping feng powder. Three hundred and thirty six 45-day-old chicks were randomly divided into eight groups. The chicks in groups A, B, C were orally given 0.25 g/mL (low-)C0.5 g/mL (middle-) and 1.0 g/mL (high) dose of Gan lian Yu ping feng powder in the drinking water respectively for 3 days consecutively. They were then immunised with infectious laryngotracheitis vaccine (ILTV) on the 4th day. Groups D, E, F were given 0.25 g/mLC0.5 g/mL and 1.0 g/mL dose of Gan lian Yu ping feng powder respectively after the immunisation for three days consecutively. Group G was Wen du qing (a
government approved herbal product for ILT) control group, and group H was blank control group. At 52, 59, 73, 87 days of age, 8 chicks of each group were selected randomly for blood sampling to determine the levels of IFN-ƒÁ, IL-4 and the antibody of ILT. Then the chickens were sacrificed, with the thymus, spleen and Bursa of Fabricius being weighed for the
calculation of immune organ indexes. The results showed that high and middle dosages of Gan lian Yu ping feng powder given at the day before immunisation and 3 days after immunisation elevated not only the  contents of IFN-ƒÁ, the antibody titers of ILT (P<0.01) and the immune organ indexes (P<0.05) significantly, but also reduced the contents of IL-4. There was a significantly different degree of enhancement in the content of IFN-ƒÁ, the antibody of ILT (P<0.01) and the immune organ
index (P<0.05). The results indicate that Gan lian Yu ping feng powder effectively improves the immunity in chickens.

Key words: Gan lian Yu ping feng powder; chicken; Infectious  Laryngotracheitis vaccine; immune function


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