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Study on inhibitory effect of Spica Prunellae extract on T Lymphoma cell EL-4 tumor

X Mao, G Wang, W Zhang, S Li


The objective of the study was to investigate the in-vivo anti-tumour activity of Spica prunellae extract, and to preliminarily explore the possible mechanism of in-vivo anti-tumour effect of Spica prunellae extract. Tumour inhibition rate and tumour apoptosis-related protein status were determined using the mice model of transplanted T lymphoma cell EL-4 tumour, and by immunohistochemical method. The results revealed that Spica prunellae extract showed certain tumour inhibitory effect, and compared with the model group. Tumour weight in Spica prunellae high-dose group was highly significantly different (P<0.01). Tumour weight in Spica prunellae medium-dose group was also significantly different (P<0.05) compared with the model group. Spica prunellae high-dose group enabled the high expression of Bcl-2 protein (47.54%) and low expression of Bax protein (13.14%). The study concluded that Spica prunellae extract has certain in vivo anti-tumour effect, which may be achieved through regulation of apoptosis related proteins.

Key words: Spica prunellae, EL-4 solid tumour, tumour inhibition, mechanism

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