Treating cardiovascular atherosclerotic plaques with Tongmaijiangzhi (tmjz) capsule

  • H Ren
  • L Zhao
  • ZS Zhang
  • Z Wang
  • L Wang
  • JC Duan
  • L Li
  • ZH Zhai
  • DT Qu
  • H Huang
Keywords: Tongmaijiangzhi, Atherosclerotic plaques, stenosis, hypertension


Atherosclerotic plaques can cause serious syndromes and mortality.  Cholesterol accumulation in the plaques can disrupt the arterial flow, with lumen narrowing and stenosis, which contributes to heart attack and sudden cardiac death. The pharmacological treatment to atherosclerotic plaques can be anti-hypertensives, anti-cholesterol, and cleaning of the existed plaques. This work examined the effects of pharmacological Tongmaijiangzhi (TMJZ) capsule on atherosclerotic plaques. The radiological findings of the  atherosclerotic plaques of 107 patients receiving TMJZ treatment were analyzed. We found that the TMJZ administration decreases plaque volume and alters the composition in a relatively short period, showing highly promising effects. TMJZ treatment is able to remove the existed  atherosclerotic plaques with no side effects observed.

Keywords: Tongmaijiangzhi; Atherosclerotic plaques; stenosis; hypertension


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0189-6016