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Anti-tumour effects of polysaccharides isolated from Artemisia Annua L by inducing cell apoptosis and immunomodulatory anti-hepatoma effects of polysaccharides

J Chen, J Chen, X Wang, C Liu


Background: It is well known that various polysaccharides present anti-tumour effects by inducing cell apoptosis and immunomodulation. However, it is still unclear about the roles of polysaccharides isolated from Artemisia apiacea (HQG) to hepatoma and its underlying mechanism. The objective of the study was to examine the anti-hepatoma effects of HQG and its related mechanism.
Materials and Methods: HQG was prepared in house and the quality and purity were confirmed by infra-red spectrum and gel permeation chromatography (GPC). Tumour-bearing mice induced by injection of mouse hepatoma H22 cells were used to evaluate the tumour growth inhibition by HQG administration. Cell immunostaining, JC1 staining and flow cytometer were performed to examine the cell apoptosis, mitochondrial membrane potential change and immunomodulation in response to HQG treatment.
Results: HQG treatment inhibited hepatoma growth in tumour-bearing  mice. Cell apoptosis rate of human hepatoma 7402 cells and of the cells from ascites in tumour-bearing mice was increased after HQG treatment. Mitochondrial membrane potential in human hepatoma 7402 cells was decreased after HQG treatment. CD4+ and CD8+ T- lymphocytes subpopulation was increased while the ratio of CD4+/ CD8+ decreased in tumour-bearing mice after HQG administration. IFN-γ and IL-4 secretion was increased in spleen lymphocytes in tumour-bearing mice after HQG administration.
Conclusion: The study concluded that polysaccharides isolated from Artemisia apiacea (HQG) can inhibit hepatoma cell growths by facilitating cell apoptosis and immuno-defence.

Keywords: Polysaccharides isolated from Artemisia apiacea (HQG), anti-tumour effects, tumour growth, cell apoptosis, immunomodulation

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