The Contribution of Lake Victoria Fisheries to National Economies

  • K Odongkara
  • R Abila
  • J Luomba
Keywords: Lake Victoria, Nile perch, economic contribution, employment, exports.


The paper discusses the contribution of the Lake Victoria fisheries resources to the riparian states as well as the communities. The paper has used data from studies conducted simultaneously and by reviewing documents from government and other studies reports. Results indicate that in addition to GDP, fisheries have also generated income and revenue, provided employment and brought in substantial foreign exchange. Other findings also reveal direct and indirect contribution of the fishing industries in the improvement of services and quality of life among the dependant community. However, the lake is still faced with the challenges of poor business environment, inadequate technologies for value addition and poor local markets for fish among others. In conclusion, Lake Victoria is an important resource among the partner states as well as the riparian communities. Control of fishing illegalities and promotion of economic value of other fish species especially dagaa will increase benefits to the riparian communities.

Key words: Lake Victoria, Nile perch, economic contribution, employment, exports.


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eISSN: 0002-0036