Giant adrenal cyst in a young female patient: A case report

  • T Atim
  • A Mukhtar
Keywords: Adrenal, Pseudocyst, Benign, Adrenalectomy


Adrenal cysts are rare cystic masses that arise from the adrenal gland. They are usually non-functional, asymptomatic and less than 10 cm in diameter when discovered incidentally. However, giant adrenal cysts are cysts of the adrenal gland which are larger than 10 cm in diameter. They pose a diagnostic conundrum to the surgeon as localization of the origin of the cyst is very difficult. Indications for surgical intervention include a size exceeding 10 cm in diameter, the presence of symptoms, endocrine abnormalities, intracystic bleeding and suspicion of malignancy. The current treatment of choice is adrenalectomy, either open or laparoscopic. Ultrasound-guided percutaneous drainage is an alternative, especially when there is no doubt regarding the diagnosis. Following, we report on one of the rare cases of a giant adrenal cyst.

Keywords: Adrenal; Pseudocyst; Benign; Adrenalectomy


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eISSN: 1110-5704