‘Opening a can of worms’: Bilateral varicoceles as an indicator of underlying portal-hypertension

  • A. Adam
  • W.C. Mamitele
  • A. Moselane
  • F. Ismail
Keywords: Varicocele, Portal hypertension, Portosystemic shunt


The scrotal varicocele is a common finding encountered during clinical examination. A porto-systemic shunt presenting with an associated varicocele is exceptionally rarely reported. Herein, we report such a case in an HIV positive man who presented with bilateral varicoceles. This is only the fifth case of such an association in the world literature. A literature review and the possible underlying pathophysiological mechanisms of this rare association are expanded further.

Keywords: Varicocele; Portal hypertension; Portosystemic shunt


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1110-5704