Unusual presentation of late recurrence renal malignancy

  • M. Sharafeldeen
  • A.F. Kotb
Keywords: Renal cancer, Papillary, Late recurrence


Introduction: Late recurrence of renal cell carcinoma is rare and mostly of clear cell histology. The objective of our study was to report our case of late recurrence of papillary RCC.
Observation: Seventy year old female patient was presented to our department, more than 7 years post radical nephrectomy for moderate risk RCC. The presentation was persistent localized abdominal pain and proved by immunohistochemistry to be a metastatic papillary RCC.
Conclusion: Any symptomatic patient, with history of previous radical nephrectomy, should have recurrent cancer considered in his differential diagnosis.


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eISSN: 1110-5704