An 80 year old hermaphroditic with Hugh Bren- ner Tumour: a Rare Case Report and Review

  • G.N. Ayane
  • M.J. Motsumi
  • P. Motlaleselelo
  • K. Kadimo
Keywords: Hermaphroditism, Brenner tumour (BT), Müllerian duct, Phenotype, Genotype, Pathology, Clitoromegaly


Introduction: Hermaphroditism is a general term used to describe a sexual development disorder usually diagnosed at an early stage in sexual development. However, this is a report of an 80 year old sexual ambiguity patient with right adnexal Brenner Tumour.
Observation: In 2017 an 80 year old phenotypically true hermaphroditic patient referred from a district hospital presented with a history of abdominal pain, abdominal mass and vomiting for three months. A genitourinary examination revealed a small penis without intra scrotal testes, vagina pouch and atrophic clitoris. After abdominal CT scan confirmation of pelvic mass, the patient was taken for exploratory laparotomy. A right adnexectomy was performed, and the histopathological analysis confirmed a benign Brenner tumour.
Conclusion: The morphological expression of a true hermaphroditism is an “ovotestis” which can be classified into three different categories and require a tissue biopsy for confirmation. The association of a Brenner tumour in a hermaphroditic patient makes this report a significant contribution to human sexual differentiation literature.


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eISSN: 1110-5704