A guidewire on your fingertip: A novel innovative technique

  • Ahmed Adam
Keywords: Method, Technique, Guidewire, Fingertip, Fistula, Ureteric Orifice


Objective: We aimed to describe a novel method to attain direction and control of the guidewire at the fingertip. This will serve to allow for ease of guidewire placement during open and combined open and endoscopic surgery.
Subjects and methods: Over a gloved hand, a ureteric catheter is placed over the index finger, with the distal tip over the distal end of the index finger. Thereafter, adhesive tape is applied over the ureteric catheter (over the proximal, and middle phalanges) to allow for ease of flexion of the index finger. A second glove is then covered over the first one, with care not to rotate or dislodge the fixated ureteric catheter. A small hole is cut at the distal end of the glove, at the tip of the ureteric catheter to allow the guidewire to exit. The guidewire is advanced easily and can now be directed using the ‘loaded’ fingertip.
Results: An easily manipulated system of guidewire insertion, with fingertip mobility and dexterity is obtained utilizing everyday consumables in a simple to perform fashion.
Conclusion: A simple, novel method to allow flexibility and stress-free maneuvering to pass a guidewire, in open or combined open and endoscopic urological surgery is described.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1110-5704