Published: 2014-04-17

Efficacy of shock wave lithotripsy in management of kidney stones in infants

AM El Nashara, AH Metwally, O Abd El Kadera, EE Ali, M Abdelbaseer


Diversity and antibiotic resistance of uropathogenic bacteria from Abidjan

J-LA Moroh, Y Fleury, H Tia, C Bahi, C Lietard, L Coroller, V Edoh, A Coulibaly, R Labia, I Leguerinel


Testicular tuberculosis in an HIV positive patient mimicking malignancy: A case report

BA Ojo, EI Ogwuche, BM Duduyemi, C Okani, EO Umobong, GTA Jombo


Fibroepithelial polyps of the urethra in infants: A report of three cases

A Ksia, M Ben saad, M Mekki, W Mnari, L Sahnoun, S Sfar, K Maazoun, J Chahed, I Krichene, M Belghith, A Zakhama, M Golli, A Nouri


Multiple Echinococcosis with an unusual location in the spermatic cord treated successfully by Albendazole: A case report

A Ksia, S Mosbahi, S Belhassen, A Alaya, L Sahnoun, S Sfar, K Maazoun, R Laamiri, J Chahed, I Krichene, M Mekki, M Belghith, A Nouri


Maladie de Lapeyronie: Aspects cliniques et thérapeutiques à propos de 17 cas

ZO Cyrille, S Yaya, MBR Bertille, F Boubacar, S Alioune, T Amath, D Babacar, NA Khassim, B Mamadou, DB Assane


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eISSN: 1110-5704