Globalization: Nature, Catalysts, Consequences and Obstacles

  • SO Opafola
Keywords: Globalization, Nature, Catalysts, Consequences, Obstacles.


The concept of globalization has several dimensions. A misunderstanding of this nature of the term has promoted much confusion which this paper aims to clear. The clarification proceeds from an exposition of the assumptions of the idea of globalization as well as the presuppositions and motives of its proponents. The paper analyses the nature of globalization as a civilizing, destructive, and feeble phenomenon. This clarification is based on the distinction between the subjects and objects of globalization. The paper then contributes to the discourse on the merits and demerits of globalization. This contribution relates to the intended and unintended
implications and, or, consequences of globalization. The paper eventually draws attention to major obstacles of globalization. The essence of this attention is to ensure that every necessary step is taken to make  globalization beneficial to all and sundry. The issues related to the title of the paper are considered under the following sections: Nature of  globalization, catalysts of globalization, consequences of globalization on
third world countries, and major obstacles to globalization.

Keywords: Globalization, Nature, Catalysts, Consequences, Obstacles.


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print ISSN: 2141-1263