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Acute Uterine Inversion: A Simple Modification of Hydrostatic Method of Treatment

P Gupta, RL Sahu, A Huria


Background: Hydrostatic method for reducing acute uterine inversion is simple method, if advocated properly. Aim: The aim of this study is to reduce the failures in technique in OfSullivanfs method in acute puerperal uterine inversion hence reducing maternal mortality and morbidity.

Subjects and Methods: This study was conducted over a f 6 year period s from 2007 to 2013. Women with acute uterine inversion immediately after delivered were included in the study. Repositioning of acute uterine inversion in six patients in emergency was done using trans.urethral resection of prostate set (TURP set), used in endoscopic resection of prostate, and two 3 L saline bags.

Results: The repositioning was successful in all requiring no anesthesia.

Conclusions: This technique modification is improvisation of hydrostatic pressure with a trans.urethral resection of prostate set (TURP set) and 3 L saline bags and it is simple and effective and will definitely save womenfs lives; thus, reducing maternal morbidity and mortality.

Keywords: Hydrostatic method, Trans.urethral resection of prostate set, Uterine inversion
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