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Unilateral Closed Lip Schizencephaly with Septo‑Optic Dysplasia

S Bhatnagar, R Kuber, D Shah, VM Kulkarni


Schizencephaly is a rare malformation of the central nervous system. Both genetic and non‑genetic etiologies like prenatal infections or ischemia have been postulated. Clinical manifestations most often include varying degrees of developmental delay, motor impairment and seizures. It can be associated with septo‑optic dysplasia (SOD), optic nerve hypoplasia and absence of septum pellucidum, pachygyria, polymicrogyria, heterotopia and arachnoid cysts. We report a case of unilateral closed lip schizencephaly with SOD.

Keywords: Absence of septum pellucidum, Optic nerve hypoplasia, Schizencephaly, Septo‑optic dysplasia
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