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Effect of Cholecalciferol Overdosage on Pregnancy Outcome in White Albino Mice

JO Ogamba, PO Ughachukwu, EC Ezema


Background: Irrational prescription and use of vitamins is rife in our society today. This practice is very common among pregnant women without adequate need assessment and concern for over dosage. Cholecalciferol has remained a component of some routine antenatal drugs despite the fears that have been expressed concerning its safety. Objectives: This study was set to determine the effect of cholecalciferol over dosage on pregnancy outcome in white albino mice. Method: High doses of vitamin D were given to three groups of female white albino mice from the day copulation plugs were seen. A fourth group was given normal saline as control. Drug exposure period was 22 days. Parameters studied included number of litters per delivery, average weight and length of the litters. Results: The oral LD50 was 9,747 IU/kg. No death occurred during teratogenic studies. There was statistically significant reduction in the number of litters delivered by animals given medium (1200 IU) and high (1800 IU) doses compared to controls (P=0.041 and 0.0002 respectively). Their litters also had reduced average length and weight (P =0.0001). Conclusion: High doses of vitamin D negatively affected pregnancy outcome in white albino mice.

Key words: Cholecalciferol, over dosage, pregnancy outcome, litters, white albino mice

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