Performance of Broiler Breeds Reared in the Sub-Humid Tropical Environment of Ogun State, Nigeria

  • OK Awobajo
Keywords: Broiler breeds, sub-humid, tropical environment, Nigeria


Mortality rates and performance were studied from the post brooding to maturity stage among various breeds of broilers reared in the sub-humid tropical environment of Ogun State, Nigeria. The breeds included Cornish, Plymouth rock, White rock, Red Sussex, Rhode island red, Ross, Anak 2000, Arbour acre and Marshall. The state was divided into four zones namely Egba, Egbado, Ijebu and Remo. Data were collected using of 30 questionnaires administered in each province, making 120 questionnaires in all. Data generated were analyzed with the aid of means, simple percentage and analysis of variance among others. There was significant different (p<0.001) in the mortality rate of various broilers breeds after the brooding stage. The major causes of mortality and poor performance of birds was poor management of the farm, poor feeds and feeding practices, unhygienic environment etc. The best performing breeds in terms of resistance to diseases were the Anak 2000 and White Rock breeds.


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eISSN: 0794-4721