Carrier Rate of Newcastle Disease Virus in Ducks at Owerri Area of Imo State, Nigeria

  • AU Opara
Keywords: Newcastle disease virus, ducks, carrier rate, Nigeria


The carrier rate of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) in ducks was investigated in Owerri municipality, Owerri North and Owerri West Local Government Areas (LGA) of Imo state, Nigeria between January and April 2006. Sixty apparently healthy ducks were tested in the area using a stock of 20 ducks from each LGA. Duck coacal swabs were obtained and inoculated into embryonated hen’s eggs via the allantoic route and incubated for 96 hours at 37oC in a humidified incubator. Only one of the 60 ducks tested positive for NDV and it was detected in Owerri municipal council area. No positive results were recorded for Owerri North and Owerri West LGAs. The positive isolate was from a white duck. From this study, the carrier rate of NDV in ducks in Owerri area of Imo state is 1.6%. The occurrence of NDV in ducks is a geographical record for Imo state. Further studies of this nature are recommended.

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eISSN: 0794-4721