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Assessment of the Volume and Value of Slaughter Animals Figures in Rivers State, Nigeria

AO Aniebo


Data on 2003 – 2005 cattle and goats slaughter figures for Rivers State was obtained from the meat inspection records of the Department of Veterinary Services, Rivers State Ministry of Agriculture, Port Harcourt. Total number of cattle and goats inspected and slaughtered at Rumueme slaughter slab, in Port Harcourt metropolis was then monitored for a period of six weeks as case study. Data generated used to quantify the actual average daily slaughter figures and annual estimates determined for the site. Results showed that 7,727 cattle and 4,049 goats were slaughtered annually at Rumueme. This translated to daily slaughter of 18 cattle and 11 goats. This is against the records at the State Ministry of Agriculture, which showed that 6 cattle and no goats were inspected and slaughtered daily at the same slab, thus an annual slaughter figure of 2,014 cattle and no goats. The result showed percentage short falls of 66.7% and 100% for cattle and goats respectively. Projected annual slaughter figures for Rivers State were thus 181,770 and 237,980 – 315,360 cattle and goats respectively against the Ministry records of 60,575 cattle and 79,200 goats. This result highlights the unreliability of slaughter figures generated by state.

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