Cryptosporidium and Cryptosporidiosis in Calves at Jos, Northern Nigeria

  • VA Pam
  • DA Dakul
  • COE Onwuliri
Keywords: Cryptosporidium, cryptosporidiosis, coccidian calves, Nigeria


This study investigated the occurrence of cryptosporidium and cryptosporidiosis in calves from Jos, Northern Nigeria. Two hundred fecal samples were collected from the calves, recruited for an all year round study (January to December 2007). Fecal samples were obtained directly from the rectum of each animal. The samples were processed based on the formol ether concentration technique and the saturated sodium chloride flotation method. Cryptosporidium spp. was detected using the modified Ziehl-Neelsen (ZN) method. Significant relationships (p>0.05) between the prevalence and distribution of cryptosporidium and other enteric pathogens in the calves examined were recorded. Cryptosporidium species recorded the highest prevalence in the calves (38.5%), while coccidian had 21.2%, and Monizia expansa and Neoascaris vitulomum recorded 18.6%. There was a significant difference (p>0.05) in the prevalence of cryptosporidium species across sex and ages of the calves. Prevalence decreased with age. Infection was more common in animals aged 1-10 to 21-30 days, while in relation to sex, the female calves recorded slightly higher prevalence (38.7%) than the Males (38.3%).


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eISSN: 0794-4721