Genetic Divergence in Ducks for Economic Traits

  • N Kalita
  • H Chutia
Keywords: Duck, Khaki Campbell, Desi, Reciprocal crosses, germ plasm, India


D2  Statistics was used to identify the genetic divergence in 4 groups of duck, namely Khaki Campbell (KC), Desi (D), Khaki Campbell x Desi (KC x D)  and Desi x Khaki Campbell (D x KC) reared under rural conditions at the Siphajar, Darrang District, Assam, India. The study showed that both Khaki Campbell and Desi or Khaki Campbell x Desi should be multiplied as 2 separate closed flocks in future to improve egg production in Khaki Campbell and egg weight in Desi or Khaki Campbell x Desi apart from conserving the local germ plasm of Desi ducks.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0794-4721