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Efficacy of Killed Adjuvanted FMD Vaccine Developed with Indigenous Isolates in Guinea Pigs and Cattle in Nigeria

AA Chukwuedo
L Nimzing


In this study the potency of  killed Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccines serotypes SAT1 (Nig 1/98) and SAT 2 (Nig 2/97) virus isolates, formulated with montanide ISA 206 adjuvant was determined in guinea pigs and cattle by antibody assay using Complement Fixation and Serum Neutralization tests. The antibody titres obtained with single and repeated inoculations gave good responses and protection from the challenge. The SAT1- 146S (Nig. 1/98) antigen maintained a higher mean titres  (CF- 86 and NT-68 in guinea pigs; CF-77 and NT-68 in cattle) than SAT 2 (Nig 2/97) antigen, with mean titres of CF-62 and NT-48 in guinea pigs; and CF-52 and NT-62 in cattle. The formulated vaccines were stable at 4oC throughout the duration of the study. Animals with low and high antibody responses were all protected against FMD. Protection by vaccination may therefore not by strictly dependent on high antibody production in the host. The information obtained from this study showed that it is possible to prepare and use combined or polyvalent montanide ISA 206 adjuvant formulated FMD vaccines for the control of FMD in Nigerian Livestock.