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High scrotal approach for secondary orchidopexy in cases of recurrent and iatrogenic undescended testes

AE Faresa, MM El Barbary


Background/purpose Secondary orchidopexy is often difficult due to altered anatomy and dense scarring following previous operation. The aim of this study was to assess the feasibility and results of secondary transcrotal orchidopexy for the palpable recurrent and iatrogenic undescended testes.
Patients and methods The case records of all children who underwent secondary orchidopexy through high scrotal incision during the study period May 2004 to April 2009 were retrospectively reviewed.
Results Redo orchiopexy using the high scrotal approach was used to treat 41 testes during a 4-year period. Eight of these cases occurred after an inguinal hernia repair and 33 cases occurred after a previous orchiopexy. At follow-up, 39 of the 41 orchidopexies (95.2%) testes were found viable. Two testes (4.8%) were recorded to have atrophied.
Conclusion This study shows that secondary orchidopexy through a high scrotal incision is a safe, effective, and applicable technique for recurrent and iatrogenic undescended testes.

Keywords: high scrotal approach, redo orchidopexy, undescended testis
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