Animal Research International: Editorial Policies

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Focus and Scope

Animal Research International is  a 100% Open Access Online Journal inaugurated in University of Nigeria to meet the growing need for an indigenous and authoritative organ for the dissemination of the results of scientific research into the fauna of Africa and the world at large. Concise contributions on investigations on faunistics, zoogeography, wildlife management, genetics, animal breeding, entomology, parasitology, pest control, ecology, malacology, phytonematology, physiology, histopathology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, microbiology, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, aquaculture, hydrobiology, fisheries biology, nutrition, immunology, pathology, anatomy, morphometrics, biometrics and any other research involving the use of animals are invited for publication. While the main objective is to provide a forum for papers describing the results of original research, review articles are also welcomed. Articles submitted to the journal is peer reviewed to ensure a high standard.


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Publication Frequency

Three issues published per year: April, August and December


Open Access Policy

The journal content is freely available online and licensed under a CC-BY 4.0 license.


Editorial Board and Staff


Professor Joseph E. Eyo (Environmental Biology and Applied Zoology) (Nigeria)
Professor Fabian C. Okafor (Parasitology and Environmental Biology) (Nigeria)

Managing Editor

Professor Christopher D. Nwani (Molecular Biology and Genetics) (China/Nigeria)

Editorial Advisory Committee

Dr. Angela Ufele (Animal Physiology) (Nigeria)
Prof. May Nwosu (Plant Science) (Germany/Nigeria)
Prof. F. Akaneme (Genetics and Biotechnology) (Nigeria)
Prof. A. A. Adebisi (Medical sciences) (Nigeria)
Prof. J. C. Ogbonna (Bio-engineering and Biotechnology) (Japan/Nigeria)
Prof. E. Obiekezie (Fish Biology and Parasitology) (Nigeria)
Prof. A. O. Anya (Parasitology) (Nigeria)
Prof. N. M. Inyang (Hydrobiology) (Nigeria)
Prof. B. E. B. Nwoke (Parasitology) (Nigeria)
Prof. O. A. Fabenro (Aquatic Sciences and Aquaculture) (Nigeria)
Prof. Bato Okolo (Applied Microbiology) (Nigeria)
Prof. I. B. Igbinosa (Entomology) (Nigeria)
Prof. E. I. Braide (Parasitology) (Nigeria)
Prof. B. O. Mgbenka (Nutrition and Aquaculture) (USA/Nigeria)
Prof. F. C. Chilaka (Enzymology) (Nigeria)
Prof. F. J. Udeh (Nigeria)
Prof. R. P. king (Britain)
Prof. I. C. Okoye (Parasitology and Entomology)
Prof. J. C. Eya (Aquaculture) (USA)
Prof. N. Umechue (Nigeria)
Prof. A. A. Olatunde (Hydrobiology)
Prof. O. U. Njoku (Lipid Biochemistry)
Prof. P. O. Ubachukwu (Parasitology)
Prof. R. N. N. Obiezue (Parasitology)
Prof. S. O. O. Eze (Biochemistry) (Nigeria)
Prof. W. A. Muse (Entomology) (Nigeria)
Prof. D. N. Onah (Parasitology and Entomology) (Nigeria)
Prof. W. S. Richards (Britain)
Prof. J. A. Adegoke (Medical Sciences) (Nigeria)

ISSN: 1597-3115
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