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Impact of Carica papaya L. Fruit juice on plasma variables and tissue glycogen of induced hyperglycemic albino rats

Dina Nath Pandit, Saumya Singh, Uday Shnaker Sinha, Raja Ram Singh


It was aimed at to evaluate the activity of Carica papaya fruit juice on induced diabetic rats (Rattus norvegicus) with a view of proposing a management scheme. Animals were sacrificed after treatment with unripe and ripe papaya juice. The plasma glucose, cholesterol, protein and tissue glycogen concentrations were estimated. Feeding of papaya juice raised the levels of these parameters more than the controlled value throughout the work. The results showed that the concentrations of these parameters were significantly increased (p<0.05). The rise was more with unripe papaya when compared to ripe papaya. However, papaya intake must be with caution since its consumption increases blood glucose concentration.

Keywords: Papaya, Fruit juice, Albino rats, Plasma variables, Hyperglycemia, Diabetes

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