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Pseudohermaphroditism in a captive male greater cane rat (<i>Thryonomys swinderianus</i> , temminck 1827): First case report

Casmir Onwuaso Igbokwe
Remigius Ibe Onoja
Innocent Chima Nwaogu


An adult captive male grasscutter weighing 8.50 kg was presented for dissection and research. At necropsy, uterus bicornis was present and well developed testes were found
in the abdominal cavity. The uterine tubes, uterine horns, cervix and cranial vagina contained a yellowish-brown cheesy fluid. There was no evidence that ovaries were
present in the specimen. Histologically, the testes showed a well-developed histoarchitecture while the uterus had thin myometrium, atypical endometrial mucosa and lacked coiled uterine glands. The epithelium in the cranial vagina was also hypoplastic, while the smooth muscle layers of the muscularis were scanty. This is the first reported case of pseudohermaphroditism in the greater cane rat.