Sero-Epidemic Survey Of Hepatitis B In A Population Of Northern Nigeria

  • I C Okoye
  • S A Samba


The rates of infection of various hepatitis B virus serological markers were measured on the basis of age, sex and socio-economic activties amongst the community population of Mubi, a known border community in North-Eastern Nigeria. Sera of 992 subjects consistingof 613 males and 379 females were analysed by radioimmunoassay. The overall HBV exposure among the subjects surveyed was 40.3 %. The rate of HBsAg inecton was 9.0 %; 19.0 % for anti-HBs and 12.2 % for anti-HBc. The occurrence of HBV markers by age of the subjects showed that infants less than 1 year od had the highest HBV exposure rate o 439%; the rate declined at the 1-10 years age group and increased steadily thereafter with age until the i f i l f . > 51 years age bracket. The incidence of the HBV markers by sex o subjects showed that infection rates were higher in males (43.4%) thanin females (354%). The rate of HBs infection rose progressively with age and significantly higher (p<0.01) in males (20.1%) than in females (17.2 %). The infection rate of HBc did not correlate with increase in age and significantly higher (P < 001) in males (132 %) than in females (108%). The distrbution of the HBV markers was associated wth dfferences in socio-cultural environment and practices (Fig. 2); thus, prison inmates who constituted the bulk o commercial blood donors had the highest rate of infection (28.5 %), followed by traders/artisans (210%) and students/pupils (180%). This study suggests vertical (maternal to infant) and horizontal transmission early in life in the spread of HBV markers in Mubi area and recommends passive activeHB immunization (anti-HB vaccine), personal and urban hygiene and that tesing for HBsAg by themost sensitive methods should be required for all blood donors. HBsAgcarriers and People who are known to have the infection or to be at high risk e.g. prostitutes, prisoners, etc should be discouraged from donating blood.

Keywords: Hepatitis, Radio-immunoassay, Immunization, Cirrhosis, Serological-markers, Morbidity

Animal Research International Vol. 3 (2) 2006 pp. 485-488

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eISSN: 1597-3115