Pevalence of bovine cysticercosis in Jos Abattoir, Nigeria

  • MA Qadeer


The prevalence of Cysticercus bovis at Jos abattoir during post mortem examination conducted on Fourteen thousand three hundred and seventy two (14,372) slaughtered cattle over a period of two years (January 1997 – Dec. 1999), using evagnation method. Out of 14,372 carcasses examined 1924 (13.4 %) tested positive for C. bovis. The sites of the location of the larvae varied from one organ to another with the heart having the highest 48 (30.0 %) and the least affected were the visceral organs livers, lungs and esophagi. There is a positive correlation between the number of C. bovis cyst and the percentage frequency of the organ affected (P<0.05).


Keywords: Prevalence, Cattle, Cysticercus bovis, Jos abattoir


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eISSN: 1597-3115