Entomoremediation - A Novel In-Situ Bioremediation Approach

  • SC Ewuim


In this paper entomoremediation as a novel concept was critically projected as a bioremediation technique that needs to be harnessed in line with global realities of involving organisms like microorganisms and earthworms in soil decontamination. Entomoremediation is defined as a type of remediation in which insects are used in order to decontaminate a degraded soil. The candidacy of collembolans, ants, beetles and termites in entomoremediation is advocated because of their role as ecosystem engineers. The need for mass rearing of the insects to be used in proposed bioremediation is discussed. Bioremediation as a measure that requires interdisciplinary approach is emphasized. The need to use insects that are neither threatened or endangered in entomoremediation in order to achieve overall healthy balance of the soil environment is stressed.

Keywords: Entomoremediation, Bioremediation, Insects, Decontaminate, Degraded soil, Ecosystem


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eISSN: 1597-3115