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Effects of avian flu on the consumption of chicken and egg among University of Ilorin staff, Ilorin, Nigeria

K.Y. Belewu


The dissemination and maintenance of AIV in wild birds is important for understanding the factors that contribute to transmission of AIV from wild birds to poultry. This study examined the impact of Avian flu on the consumption of chicken and egg among university of Ilorin staff, in Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria. A survey was conducted by interviewing 110 University of Ilorin staff. Information was collected on the same economic characteristics of the respondents, income and consumption of chicken and eggs. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The results revealed that Avian flu outbreaks and spread in Nigeria have caused serious threat to the poultry industry, the food security and livelihoods of urban communities. It was also noted that there was a decline in consumers’ confidence in poultry product (e.g chicken and egg) as indicated by the respondents. Perception of people about avian flu pandemic indicates 90% of respondents perceived it as deadly, incurable and easily transmissible disease and that was why 77.27% of the sampled households were found to have stopped or drastically reduced the consumption of poultry products for the fear of being infected by the disease. The research conclude that since most of people perceived avian influenza as deadly disease, government enact measures to prevent the virus from spreading and to reduce the risk of infection and ban on transporting poultry in the area where bird flu has occurred.

Keywords: avian virus, wild birds, domestic poultry, egg, chicken

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