Efficiency in rice production : evidence from gogounou district in northen of Benin

  • A.J Yabi


Thetechnical, allocative and economic efficiencies of rice growing in the District of Gogonou and factors determining the economic efficiency have been analysed with the help of a survey carried out among 150 rice producers randomly sampled during the agricultural year 2005-2006. The data analysis is essentially based on stochastic frontier of production and costs functions. The results show that the indexes of technical, allocative and economic efficiency are in average 0.820, 0.859 and 0.701 respectively. Regarding the frequency distributions of the producers according to their indexes of technical, allocative and economic efficiencies, the modal class is [0.8 ; 0.9]. Moreover, it is brought out that the level of education, the affiliation to a functional association, the contact with a project agent, the number of years’ experience in rice production and access to credit have positive and significant effects on the economic efficiency of rice producers. These different results suggest that the role that must be played project agents to improve management skills of rice producers throughout their visit and training is important. Finally, it’s necessary to promote a wideness of rice growing areas for a real rice production development and a sustainable food security in Benin.

Keywords : rice, economic efficiency, determinants, Gogounou.


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eISSN: 1659-5009