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Common Occupational Health Problems In Disease Control In Nigeria

AI Ibe, AN Amadi, C Amadi


This article reviews some common occupational health problems among health workers due to exposure to hazardous or pathogenic biological, chemical and physical agents in the line of duty. Highlighted biological
agents are pathogenic viruses, bacteria etc; chemical agents are laboratory reagents, mercury and beryllium exposures in dental clinics and laboratories, hazardous gases like ethylene oxide and nitrous oxides; physical agents like harmful radiations, mechanical injuries and stress. The exposure limits of these etiologic agents were reviewed. When duely exposed, health workers are at high risk of health problems like hepatitis C & B, HIV, Tuberculosis, Influenza, mercury poisoning, chronic beryllium diseases (CBD), work related injuries, death and fatigue, congenital abnormalities/defects in offspring, transfer of health problems to spouses and family members. Modern preventive and precautionary measures were discussed in this article also.

Key words: Occupational Health; Disease Control; Health Problems

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