Housing data base for sustainable housing provision

  • A.I. Anunobi
  • O.F. Adedayo
  • A.J. Adedokun
Keywords: Database, estates, housing, owners, tenants


The paper examined selected data requirements for housing provision in selected housing estates as applicable to house owners with the view of determining the degree of relevance to mass housing provision. The research employed a mixed method approach by collecting both quantitative and qualitative data which were analysed using descriptive analysis in SPSS. The results are presented in tables, charts and figures to illustrate the data developed. The result showed that a significant percentage of the people living in these estates are tenants and cannot afford to pay for the ownership of the houses. It also showed that the houses were not built based on any data obtained from prospective house owners hence the constant desire to make changes. The paper concludes that the housing provision as currently practised is not socially sustainable as it does not rely on data from the prospective house owners. It therefore recommends that for future housing estate developments, prospective house occupiers should be determined first in order to obtain relevant data considered necessary to be infused in the design.

Keywords: Database, estates, housing, owners, tenants


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print ISSN: 1596-6305